Second Chance Fellowship - Prayer Page - Camden, SC
Second Chance Fellowship - A Place Where Everyone Has A Second Chance
This is our prayer page.
William Leonard
Sara Bradwell
Doug Lewis
Shelby Ray
The Moody family
Savid Collier and family
Norma Price
People working away from family
Leila Hinson
Jonathan Huffman
Easton Brown
Bill Hawthorne
Missy Hinson
Center for Excellence
Jeff & Chelsea Brooks
Justin Adkins & family
Grace & Chris Threatt
Guenther Rogall
Paisley Mae Tulson
Ishmael & Sherri Stokes
Gladys Kelly & family
Virginia Horton
Disher Family
Bryan Thompson
Wesley Hires
Jared & Carlie Jowers
Nicole Melgoza
Summer Arrants
VB Jones
Sharon Trezise
Harold & Margaret Harvey
Stanley Dabney
family & friends
Missionarys & mission Agencies
Preachers of the Gospel
We will grow in the knowledge of God
Travelling mercies
Lost loved ones
Our Homeless Community
International Gospel Missions
Unspoken requests
Body of Christ
President Trump
The Persecuted Church
Our Youth
Our Church
Soldiers and their families
Our nation and the leaders
Our pastor and his family