Second Chance Fellowship - Prayer Page - Camden, SC
Second Chance Fellowship - A Place Where Everyone Has A Second Chance
This is our prayer page.
Lauren, Daniel & Ethan
Wayne Hinsons's uncle
Sara Marie Bradwell
Art Chapman
Dale and Jennifer Ham
Ricky Hinson family
Tommy Anderson family
The Jennerette family
Harry Trull
Edna Martin
Allyson Martin
Doug & Heidi Bartton
Ginny Anderson
Sheila Early
Terry Dockery
Glen Arboghast
Ryan Cosper
Sara Hendrix
Mrs. Crimm
Amber Meeker
Debbie King
Mary Diaz
Carol Sheridan
Loyce Wright
Beebee family
Adams family
Grissom family
Daysia Nicole
Nancy & friends
Gregg & Gerda Eaddy
Phillip Joyner
Bubba Flowers
Justin Jumper
Richard Collachi
Tony Tindal
Elaine Joyner
Susan Ray
Kenny McCskill
Margaret Rodgers
Sylvia Boughton
Johnny Bradley
Dorca Madrid
Brenda Fox
Pam Nesbitt
Colemann Gross
Homeschool and returning to school this week
Missionarys & mission Agencies
Preachers of the Gospel
We will grow in the knowledge of God
Travelling mercies
Lost loved ones
Our Homeless Community
International Gospel Missions
Unspoken requests
Body of Christ
President Trump
The Persecuted Church
Our Youth
Our Church
Soldiers and their families
Our nation and the leaders
Our pastor and his family